Olga Polovkova became the owner of the title «Smile of Universe 2018»


Today at the Tver radio station Pilot Radio on the air the most beautiful «Smile of Universe 2018».

Contestants from 11 countries of the world took part in the selection stages of the competition: Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Belarus, Latvia, Israel, India.

The following participants came to the finals of Top-5: Olga Polovkova from Sevastopol, Lyudmila Lozovskaya from Moscow, Alina Kinzyagulova from Ufa, Irina Filippova from Tver č Daria Salamatina from Lipetsk.

Within an hour the girls on the air answered the tricky questions of the jury members. At the end of the broadcast, the jury identified three finalists and two encouraging nominations.

Olga Polovkova from Sevastopol became the owner of the title «Smile of Universe 2018», Irina Filipova from Tver received the title «Second Smile of Universe 2018», Daria Salamatina from Lipetsk received the title «Third Smile of Universe 2018». Encouraging nominations went to Lyudmila Lozovskaya from Moscow (Miss Charm 2018) and Alina Kinzyagulova from Ufa (Miss Style 2018).