Start of the international project «Smile of Universe 2017»


Producing company «Velconte Production» announced the launch of a new international beauty contest «Smile of Universe 2017».

The contest is held to promote the fashion of a smile, kindness and respect for the people around us and nature in general.

The aim of the project is to find the most positive girls and women from different parts of the world who have the most attractive smiles.

Adult girls and women who live anywhere in the Planet can take part in the competition. Height, weight, marital status do not matter.

You can take part in the casting and fill out the questionnaire on the project's website in the Registration section. The deadline for the acceptance of forms is July 14, 2017 inclusive.

The rules are very simple. You need to fill out a form and attach a few of your photos to it, where the participant smiles. Then wait for the decision of the jury. If the questionnaire goes further, the participant activates the questionnaire and is allowed into the quarterfinal. Next, according to the voting results, the Top most beautiful smiles from each country are determined, which turn out to be the final of the competition. To the participant allowed to the finals, she needs to record a video message to the jury.

The final of the contest is planned to be held in a live television broadcast, where the most beautiful «Smile of Universe» will be determined. The winner of the competition receives a cash prize of $2000 USD.

«In recent years, the world is so much negative energy — war, disaster, most people go angry and irritated. The main objective of the project — promotion of peace in the universe. Let's smile more often, because Smile — it`s fashionable!» — says director and general producer of the contest «Smile of Universe»Leonid Khromov.

The executive producer of the beauty contest «Smile of Universe 2017» was Elena Kozub, who is the owner of the title «Queen Runet 2015». Her video message to the participants is shown below.