Finished the second Russian quarter-final


Today ended the second Russian quarterfinal of the international beauty contest «Smile of Universe 2017».

According to the results of SMS voting from 20 participants, 5 girls from different parts of Russia are admitted to the semifinal.

Then the participants will need to record a short 30-second positive video-video up to August 5, inclusive, and only in this case the girls will be able to continue the fight with the other participants for reaching the final.

Statistics of CMC voting of the second quarterfinal:

Eseniya Makitra, Vladivostok 18,39%
Yuliya Smorkacheva, Bryansk region, Seltso 17,04%
Evgenia Buteeva, Novosibirsk 15,25%
Anastasia Posmashnykh, Tver 14,35%
Maria Shvetsova, Ekaterinburg 9,87%